Sorgente group of America

Sorgente group of America
...the dynamic history of Sorgente Group is intertwined with that of the world metropolis it helped build – New York City.

Founded in Italy in 1910 – spanning five generations over 100 years and across two continents – the dynamic history of the Sorgente Group is intertwined with that of the world metropolis it helped build – New York City. Within a decade of the start of its American operation in 1919, Sorgente was fabricating structural components for many of the city’s most renowned architectural landmarks, including the extension of the New York Stock Exchange and the Chrysler Building.

In Italy, after World War II, Sorgente was involved in the precision engineering and construction of building components for major post-war industrial development projects including Synchrotron in Frascati, Alfa Romeo in Arese and the steel mills at Terni. In the 1970’s, various real estate and construction initiatives were promoted in Italy and abroad.

At the end of the 1990s, Sorgente Group was reorganized by Valter Mainetti, current majority shareholder of the Group. Today the primary focus of Sorgente is real estate financing, investment execution and fund development for qualified investors interested in participating in the acquisition of prestigious buildings in major cities worldwide.

In 2004, as a fifth-generation member of the Mainetti family, Veronica Mainetti was named President of the Sorgente Group of America. Under her stewardship Sorgente continues to expand its US portfolio with key acquisitions in California and New York, where most of their landmark properties are located, including the iconic Flatiron Building.

Sorgente Group is committed to the respectful restoration and development of historical buildings. While embracing the past, valuing the environment, and continuing a legacy of excellence, Sorgente Group is crafting elegant spaces that exist in complete harmony with contemporary lifestyles.